Man v. Food - Primanti's in Pittsburgh

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Adam visits Primanti Bros., a local Pittsburgh hotspot where he feasts on a mega-sized sandwich filled with meat, egg, cheese, slaw, and fries! New episodes of Travel Channel's Man v. Food air Wednesday nights at 10PM, only on Travel Channel!

Funny people comments:


"ADULTS ONLY" loooooooool


i would love to try the fish sandwich!


@llllldosxlllll We might consider if you would use birth control


I love this show.Some of the food looks amazing.I would like to go to America just to try this kind of stuff.


Why the hostility, it's just a sandwich? From a skinny american who loves a primantis every now and then <3


i was just there toni is awesome


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@Kimakae You're an idiot. I bet you just say you're from Pittsburgh when in reality you're from 40 or 50 miles away in Butler or something. I feel sorry for you.


@Conquistador19 those are people who think they are europeans.


As a born and raised Pittsburgher, I'm glad to say I've never eaten at Primanti's. Those look fucking gross.


I don't know why you folks, esp Europeans, are acting so shocked and insulting America. It's just two slices of fresh Italian bread with your choice of meat (I like the turkey the best, personally), about 10-12 fresh cut French fried potatoes (which you'd normally eat on the side of a sandwich anyhow, eg. fish and chips), and fresh cut coleslaw (shredded cabbage) w/an oil & vinegar dressing, not mayo. No big deal. The meal is just btwn 2 pieces of bread rather than in separate portions.


@Apologeomasis Hahaha it's just a joke dude 

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